Divino Patio

Podium, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

There is no love more sincere than the love of food. That love is extended at DiVino Patio, where it is difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts. DiVino Patio is a combination of magic, music, seduction, ambience and consummate satisfaction. It is life at the pinnacle of delectable delight. Prepare to raise your culinary expectations to exciting heights as euphoric pheromones are released with every taste and touch, every feel, every choice, every sensational and sensory act at DiVino Patio. We offer so much in one place, you won’t know what to feel, taste, or touch first. It really doesn’t matter. The fusion of all human senses makes DiVino Patio an unparalleled proficiency of the fine art of dining. Would you prefer a tranquil and cozy corner for intimate dining? We have it. A high counter for quick snacks? A dining space for business, party or extended family groups? You’ll find them all at DiVino Patio. We’ve planned the premises with geometric aplomb, keeping flexibility in mind for simple reconfiguration to fit all occasions. The result: rustic, elegance with flair and style that can be imitated but never duplicated. Are you looking for choices? At DiVino Patio, you’ll savor a menu replete with Italian gastronomic traditions that originate from a melting pot of incredible richness and diversity. A kaleidoscope of flavors and colors inspire a cuisine that it fresh, trendy, intriguing and especially suitable for a cosmopolitan city like Hong Kong. There’s so much more to tell, and feel, and touch, and taste, and live. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.

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