Blue Supreme

23 Tung St, Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong

We are a neighbourhood restaurant nestled on the quiet Upper Lascar row, Sheung Wan. At Blue Supreme we focus on live and bottle conditioned beer; beers that are bottled with live yeast and culture that allows a secondary fermentation. The resulting beer has more nuanced and layered flavours; secondly, the natural carbonation gives a more lively and spritzy mouthfeel, allowing even full flavoured beers to be refreshing. The kitchen at Blue Supreme showcases new American cuisine weekly, with a limited but constant evolving menu. The food here pays respect to Chef Leonard's American roots; featuring craftsmanship in a variety of sub ethnic, regional American delights. We want to serve many overlooked culinary delights found across different regions of the U.S. that are perfect for this beer-centric establishment.

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