De Belgie Bar

G/F., 21 ELGIN ST., CENTRAL, HONG KONG  5313000507

de België Bar & Restaurant has great passion to offer Belgian beers and cuisine while promoting the unique Belgian style in Hong Kong. Locating on 21 Elgin Street, Central, our Flagship Bar has been opened and we are excited to announce that we are now serving more than 160 types of Belgian beers and creative Belgian delicacies since September 2013. Beside the 160+ types of Belgian beers, we also serve cocktail, wine and champagne to match with some of our authentic Belgian cuisine, such as air freight seafood like mussels, stew beer beef, and brune beer soup. We have also added in some European munchies such our own fish & chips and pork knuckle etc.. We hope you will be wowed by our creative menu!

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